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COVID-19 Update for Level 1

Need a food parcel?

The Lower Hutt Foodbank is back to normal!

Clients are once again able to directly visit the Foodbank at 27B Dudley St Lower Hutt

We are open Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday from 9am until 11.30

See below for details

Getting a food parcel in normal times 

First visit

  • All clients with ID will get a food parcel on their first visit, enough to feed the household for a week. (This includes clients who are receiving food assistance from the Salvation Army but only on this first visit.)
  • Clients will be informed that to receive a parcel on subsequent visits they must provide proof of address and a copy of a budget and/or bank statement.

Clients will be asked to sign a privacy waiver which will allow the Foodbank to share details with another key support agency if necessary. Key client details are entered into a secure and confidential database for reference on subsequent visits. The dates of all visits are also recorded. Where additional assistance for the client is deemed to be required and appropriate this is discussed with the client prior to communication with the other support agencies.

Food parcels are provided to households. When two or more people are living together in one household, clients are given one parcel for all the people in that household, not individual parcels for each person. The amount of assistance provided depends on the circumstances of the household.  

Maximum support

15 parcels a year is the established general maximum support we provide. However:

  • the Service Coordinator has the discretion to exceed this where appropriate and
  • where there is suspected abuse of our service the maximum will be much less.

See What We Do for example of clients we support.

Please bring your own bags where possible. It will help us and the environment.

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27B Dudley Street, Hutt Central, Lower Hutt 5010, Wellington
Phone: 04-568-7392