• Many thanks to all those who have donated food so generously during the New World promotion. And a big bouquet to staff at New World for looking after all the many bags of food until we could pick them up. And it's still going in the Lower Hutt store after about 6 weeks. It has made a huge difference to our stocks - we haven't had to buy food for quite a while. Which is just as well. With the wage subsidy coming off we expect an increase in the need for emergency food parcels. So thank you everyone!
    Posted: Thursday 6 August 2020
  • The Foodbank is in business once again! Clients who need a food parcel are able to visit the Dudley St Foodbank as before. Throughout Level 3 and 2 we ran a successful partnership with the Salvation Army from the Treadwell St Hall in Naenae. It was virtually contactless, with clients ordering by email or phone and collecting their parcels from the hall. We can now accept food donations again just as before. We have always found the Lower Hutt Community very generous and we could not continue without them. So thank you for your continued support.
    Posted: Wednesday 10 June 2020
  • The Foodbank can now take food parcel requests from Monday 18 May. However, this will be a contact-less service so that clients may not walk up to the Foodbank premises and directly request a parcel as they may have done in the past. They will now have to phone or email their request as described on the 'Home' and 'For Clients' pages of this website.
    Posted: Thursday 14 May 2020
  • As previously reported, the Lower Hutt Foodbank has had to suspend its operations during the Level 4 Lockdown in order to keep clients, volunteers and staff safe. The Salvation Army will provide contactless deliveries to Lower Hutt people requiring emergency food parcels. Those needing assistance need to TXT their name and post code to 4114 or phone 04 389 0594 or email to Someone will be in contact Monday-Friday.
    Posted: Tuesday 7 April 2020
  • As you are all probably aware, the lockdown has meant we have had to suspend our services completely to ensure our volunteers and staff are not put at risk. The Salvation Army has stepped in and will provide contactless deliveries to clients' homes. The Lower Hutt Foodbank will give them as much assistance as we can in food and monetary donations. The Te Paepae Arahi Trust will provide drivers. We are very grateful that our clients will still have a service they can call on as the demand rises. The number to ring is 04 570 0273.
    Posted: Monday 6 April 2020
  • We are very grateful to all those who have recognised the increasing need for the provision of emergency food parcels during the COVID19 crisis and contributed to the Foodbank through Give a Little. You have our assurance that it will be used to help feed those in need in our community.
    Posted: Monday 6 April 2020
  • Coronavirus has given the Foodbank a dilemma - to keep providing food parcels to those who need it while protecting clients, volunteers and our Coordinator from contracting the virus.
    For this reason we are closing the doors to clients tomorrow Monday 23 March, but taking orders by phone and email. We start delivering food parcels on Friday 27 March with the help of drivers from the Te Paepae Arahi Trust.
    Posted: Sunday 22 March 2020
  • What a wonderful community recognition of the increased need for the Foodbank pre-Christmas. It was very heart-warming and thanks to all businesses, schools, churches and individuals who pulled out all stops to ensure families could enjoy their Christmas with full tummies.
    Posted: Monday 9 March 2020
  • The pressures of increased costs at the beginning of a year with schools going back and families needing to pay for uniforms, books etc has been reflected in a huge demand for our services. Our cupboards are almost bare and we are having to buy a lot more food than usual. So please dig deep and donate in the supermarket donation boxes or have another food drive at work. We need you!
    Posted: Monday 9 March 2020
  • What a wonderful response to our food drive at the local supermarkets on Saturday 16th Nov. Our stocks were extremely low which was a worry in the lead up to Christmas. But now our shelves are full thanks to the wonderful generosity of the Hutt residents. Thank you everyone!!
    Posted: Saturday 23 November 2019
  • Both the Petone and Lower Hutt Pak 'n Saves are coming to our rescue once again in the lead up to Christmas to subsidise food donated at their stores $1 for $1. The call on our services is particularly high during this time and our stocks deplete quickly. But with Pak 'n Saves' contributions we are in good shape to start the year again. Many thanks Pak 'n Save!
    Posted: Wednesday 16 October 2019
  • On Saturday November 16 we will be asking the supermarket shoppers to be especially generous as our stocks are much lower than usual and we need to fill our shelves before Christmas. Petone and Lower Hutt public have never let us down and always come up trumps so we hope to be in much better shape ready for Christmas.
    Posted: Wednesday 16 October 2019
  • Its the time of year where we get to thank all our supporters and friends, look back on the past year and forward to the next one. You are cordially invited to the
    2019 Annual General Meeting
    Thursday 22 August at St Mark's Church Woburn Road, Lower Hutt.
    Morning tea will be from 10am with the meeting following at approximately 10.30.
    We do hope you can make it.
    Posted: Sunday 21 July 2019
  • The first Food Drive for 2019 will be on Saturday 25 May. All Lower Hutt supermarkets will participate along with Pak 'n Save Petone. the Hutt community has always been very generous and contributions make a huge difference to our ability to provide a service to our struggling families. See you there!
    Posted: Monday 15 April 2019
  • Pak 'n Save Petone and Lower Hutt are giving the Foodbank a $ for $ subsidy for all food donations from 1 Nov until Christmas. What an amazingly generous gift once again. It makes a huge difference to what we can offer families at Christmas and indeed, throughout the year. Thanks heaps Pak 'n Save!
    Posted: Saturday 1 December 2018
  • The Lower Hutt Foodbank will be open for the last time in 2018 on 22 December. It will reopen on Tuesday Jan 8 2019. This is to enable all the workers to recharge their batteries and come back fresh in the New Year. Happy Christmas everyone!
    Posted: Saturday 1 December 2018
  • Another wonderful response from a very generous Lower Hutt community. A huge thank you to all our contributors. And what wonderful work the service club volunteers picking up thousands of bags of food from all the streets in Lower Hutt and the Bays. And thanks to Hutt News for organising the distribution of bags and to Z- Energy for accepting unclaimed bags on our behalf. A team of Foodbank volunteers worked their butts off in the afternoon, sorting and storing all the food. All round a very successful day indeed!!
    Posted: Monday 24 September 2018
  • Young William Hoeksma deserves a big bouquet for asking friends to his 9th birthday not to bring him a present but to bring something for the Foodbank. The result was a very generous contribution to Foodbank supplies. Well done William. We need more like you!
    Posted: Monday 17 September 2018
  • Nearly 30,000 food donation bags will be delivered to households across the Lower Hutt region along with your Hutt News. The result will provide several months worth of provisions for families and individuals in need. The Hutt community is always very generous with its contributions, enabling the foodbank to provide over 2000 emergency food parcels per year, large enough to feed a family for a week. Households will need to put their donation bags at their gate by 12 noon after which the Lions and Rotary will be collecting. So bring it on Lower Hutt and live up to your wonderfully generous reputation.
    Posted: Tuesday 11 September 2018
  • What a wonderful response we had once again to our supermarket food drive on 26 May. Stocks had dwindled alarmingly due to increased demand on our service so to have our shelves full again is very reassuring. It means we can assist families and individuals get through the winter months with our emergency food parcels. So a big thank you Lower Hutt!
    Posted: Thursday 21 June 2018
  • The Student Services Committee of Hutt Valley High recently organised a highly successful call for cans for our Foodbank. Students came up trumps and between them contributed 1700 cans of food. So a big thank you especially to the students who organised the event and to the students for responding so generously.
    Posted: Thursday 21 June 2018

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