Annual Hutt News & Lions Rotary Drive Cancelled For 2014

The Foodbank committee has decided to cancel the annual Lions and Rotary food drive scheduled for September. 

‘We don’t think we should have a food drive in September when we don’t know if the Foodbank will still be in operation after the beginning of October’, says Eric Wadsworth who has been coordinating the food drive with Hutt Valley Lions and Rotary Clubs. 

Uncertainty about the Foodbank’s future arises out of the need to find a permanent home and questions about whether or not the Foodbank will have sufficient funds to pay rent for this home.

‘Until we have that certainty we don’t think it is fair to ask the Lions and Rotary Clubs to run the drive or the public to donate food’, Wadsworth says. 

The Foodbank has reasonable stocks of food on hand for the next three months because of the very positive response from the public on the supermarket collection day in the middle of May. 

‘We’ve also recently been given a grant from Pub Charity that will allow us to purchase extra items and with this and our current stocks we should get through to October quite well’, Wadsworth says. 

‘We hope that the questions surrounding our home and funding for rents will be resolved by then’, says Wadsworth.  ‘If so, we’ll probably try and organise a food drive in November so that we can rebuild our stocks for Christmas and New Year’, he says.

Posted: Wed 16 Jul 2014


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